Ecological Colors

A basic priority to all of us is that the choice of paint whatever the application may be to be made with respect to quality and security. Sometimes it is a one way solution to choose ecologic paints, so that we can ensure quality of living and health, in the interior but also in the exterior.

In Trakadas we cooperate with top paint brands and we see to it that we have a great variety of quality and certified ecological materials and paints.

Ecological are the paints that during the production, application and use are polluting the environment to the minimum extend. At the same time, they are harmless to the human body, have a low odor or are totally odorless and contain a low percentage of volatile organic substances. Only certified products may carry an ecological badge and can be characterized as ecological.

For what reason should we choose ecological paint?

  • To maintain a clean and healthy habitat
  • To make painting safer
  • To have clean air in the habitat interior
  • To have anti-molding and anti-bacterial protection
  • To be able to make immediate use of the living environment
  • To respect the environment

Do we have the desire to keep our house clean, healthy and pleasant both inside and outside? So do all the living organisms, animals and plants on our planet! We use and also urge others to use ecological products.

It is important to know that the paint is not significant just as a color but also as a composure. Ecological paints is the way to make our house look beautiful, protecting our health and the planet.

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