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One of my favorite things when visiting my grandmother’s house in Tinos island (now a cottage) was having to do restoration activities.

External walls, fence and railings, slight repairs in the interior and many other things, where the fun part between the beach in the morning and afternoon stroll. It was fun because I had a creative time while at the same moment I was gaining knowledge that later on proved to be very useful in my professional life.

I learned a lot by standing next to my grandfather (a traditional builder). Mainly I learned to choose the right material for each case. I learned that a “cheap” choice can cost a lot in the end in many a time. Whenever our grandfather made savings by choosing disputed quality products, we ended up making the same repair in the next year, but this time with a quality product. When I used to tell gradpa that: “you didn’t listen to me by choosing the cheaper”, he answered: I am getting older and wiser. This way, I also felt good by knowing he also had something to learn from me!

The house had a particularity because of its location (Steni). It had proximity both towards the sea but also to the mountain (Tsiknias), so we had to deal with various challenges by this special situation. What were those challenges?

The Sea

Even though not being right by the sea, the house confronted humidity issues. Especially when the wind came from the south, the external walls were dripping with water as if it was rainy the night before. The good news were that such cases could be dealt with after they were diagnosed, when the house was repaint.  The choice of color must be careful so that it meets some very important standards like being waterproof, highly durable and highly elastic  in weather effects.

The Mountain

Similar problems may appear when the house is at a mountainous territory. The choice of products, whether it concerns painting or waterproofing-insulation, has to be from brands that have higher know-how and experience. The sun is the main cause of tear wear  and the closer you get (altitude), the more problems you face. Only high quality materials, combined with know-how that only the known brands provide, can withstand longer the various problems that come up. Thus, the necessary characteristics of the applied products are the durability to sun rays, the excellent management of humidity, rain or even snow, so that we get the maximum level of protection.


One of the most common problems is the “chipping” and finally the appearance of rust on the railings. I recall that being the hardest procedure. Whenever we had planned to sand the railings I always woke up late…To get the rust away you have to sand your railings, a process that requires a great deal of patience if you perform it on your own. Nowadays it can also be done with the use of electric appliances, so everything is much more simple. I should not forget that the proper primer can define the final result. For the final coating it is recommended that a metal paint is applied, because of its durability on metal surfaces.


The external walls color must have a sense of continuing the natural surroundings  and the location in general. In such cases the opinion and suggestions of the professional are needed, so that he will calculate all parameters and suggest the proper colors and combinations. Moreover, he will suggest paints that are toxic free and will guarantee that you and the people you care most will have a safe stay.

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Whatever your intention may be towards the external coating of your house or cottage walls, in Trakadas we know all the professional secrets. Contact us or visit a Trakadas branch and along with our specialized staff get the proper products and solution.

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