Our Vision

  • To remain a point of reference when it comes to constructions’ coatings.
  • To see all customers pleased by putting color in their lives.
  • To be a point of reference in insulation.

How we will achieve it

  • By investing in the human factor and setting this factor as the most important ingredient in order to add value to our services. Combined with choosing the best suppliers in the market, the best results are certain.
  • With team spirit and a creative mood, positive energy and optimism we set our objectives high for ourselves and our company. The sincerity, punctuality and responsibility are values characteristic not only of our personal relations but also of the relations of us and the customers.
  • By continuously believing that it’s the small details that make the difference. We put ourselves in the customer’s place so that we can proact on providing the best product for your situation.

What we have accomplished up to now

  • By having a client-centered orientation, we offer high quality services and products in the most competitive prices.
  • With respect towards the customer and understanding the customer’s needs, we aim at the guaranteed value of our products and our services.
  • At the same time, by constantly trying to develop and improve our network’s services and products, we manage to evolve ceaselessly, so that your experience will be better with every visit.

Our motto: Trakadas the choice in color

Our Values