Decorative Techniques

The personal touch in our living space can be either a courtain, a piece of furniture or a kind of paint. Something different, an “artistic touch” are the decorative techniques that bring ”originality” to the space: a reflection of our soul in a corner of the house!

With decorative techniques of Metropolis like: Mito, Lady V, Easy stucco, Metro materic we can offer ourselves this “impressive touch”.

Our specialized salesmen can explain the technique application process step by step, and it is not that complicated after all, since all we do is to “imprint our feelings”  to the surface…

Make a wall in your living room special, a fireplace or even dare to do so in your bedroom! For those who are in search of something more technical and professional – without that meaning that we all cannot apply it – there’s the Urban effects line: Decorative effects with depth using putty, that produce an urban effect of a worn out wall, but even more industrial orientation. Those are suitable for professional spaces, cafes but also houses with more contemporary orientation.

Special decorative techniques

Do you know what Foto Transfer is?

With Foto Transfer you may easily without the help of a professional, apply your favorite images on the wall!

Choose any kind of design from your computer or a photo of yours and apply it to any corner of your home that you wish to have your unique character. The only other products you may need are a paintbrush, a sponge and optionally an acrylic water varnish. The image must be printed on a laser printer, in any size you may wish.

Release the artist hiding in you! 


Find the solution

Do you want to learn more about the decorative techniques and to get equipped with the proper materials and tools? Visit one of the Trakadas branches and ask us to show you decorative techniques such as Brooklyn, Jakarta, Berlin etc. and also the tools accompanying and helping you to create your own decorative techniques.

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