Wood is a product commonly used in constructions, from the construction of a wood house to wooden shelves and tables artworks. It is a natural product and not a building material, it fits the construction with minimum processing and provides various possibilities for interventions on it.

Firstly, it may be of our concern whether we wish the look of the wood to remain natural.

  1. If not, meaning that we want the “watering marks” of the wood to disappear and to create a surface on which the color is uniform (like a painted wall), then things are simple! We only have to choose a primer – like velatura – and then a final surface – like There’s a great variety of choice in color so we can choose what fits our space best. The quality of the products that cover a wooden surarface needs special attention. There are paints with different gloss tones – and finishing. It is best that we choose water products than the solvent ones, mainly because of the intense smell of the solvent products.
  2. If we prefer to maintain the “watermarks of wood”, maintaining its natural beauty, we have the wood preservative products. For the intervention to be as less visible as possible, we choose penetrating products, that leave the original touch feeling on the wood surface. Wood penetrating products are mainly used on newly cut wood, as the penetration is more easily achieved. For the preservative product to create a surface crust, losing some of its natural look, but achieving higher protection, we choose crust like products that create a thnin film on the surface.

On both occasions described, we have the ability to color the wood.

In preservative products, the quality of the products plays a major role, since wood is a live element  that attracts wood-eating insects. From the persrevative to the final finish our choice is very important.

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