It is the most solid material that has been used in constructions and we encounter it in furniture and in composite constructions, such as stairs and railings. It has a broad use as a construction material, because it produces a highly durable result, that has the capacity to remain intact under all  weather conditions. With metal there are certain particularities:

  • The more durable and strong it may seem, the more it is prone to the reaction between oxygen and metal that meaning When it comes to water contact (that can easily occur through e.g. little cracks), this phenomenon is more intense and the corrosion is sped up.
  • Moreover, the paint may often not stick on the metal surface, this meaning that it will chip or thin off depending on the type of the metal.
The solution on the above is to chose the right type of primer and with proper application, we will encounter no further problems.

Choice of paint

The type of paint for metals requires special attention because out of a variety of choices, we also have the finishing paints that change the visual result by far. The most common finishing paints beyond the traditional metal paints that we may find in gloss and satin are:

Forged Metalize

Curved Ornamental

In open spaces we pay attention to  the environment in which it is placed. The colors and their finishing must fit in harmony with the external colors, the walls, furniture etc., but also with the natural environment existing colors.

In interiors we must take under consideration the color psychology, since it has been proven that the colors surrounding us, affect our mood in an immediate way. In metal, the colors must be bound with each other harmonically, and they must also fit to the rest of the existing colors in your space.

The metal paints are by their own nature very tough and hard, and “behave” well applied on metal.

Get the solution

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