Historical Route

In 1940 Panagiotis Trakadas opens one of the first paint stores in Athens – at Em.Benaki str. Even though the financial conditions were extremely difficult in that period, P.Trakadas’ friendly and cheerful personality combined with his incomparable professionalism manages to pull together the best people in the market at that time and become a reference point in the field.

In 1980 Periklis Trakadas takes over with the mind to keep the wheels turning, but also to make the already successful family business grow even larger. With proper strategy and handling, he invests in the opening of a new store in Ampelokipoi area, a store that up to this day is the company’s main one. By applying the exact values of the company and by forming a smart and profitable client-centered policy, that store swiftly became widely known in both individual and professional clients.

By continuously targeting the customers quality service and by taking up new cooperations with the biggest companies in both greek and international markets, the company soon gained the trust of the consumers. This success led Trakadas to the opening of new branches.

In 1989 the first branch of the company opens in Galatsi.

In 1991 there’s the opening of the Neos Kosmos branch and four years later a new sales point starts in Peristeri. The common characteristic of the branches is that they all gradually become the leaders in the areas they provide service.

In 2001 Panagiotis Trakadas son of Periklis starts taking part in the company’s management and finally takes up the leadership after his father. In 2006 he opens the branch in Cholargos (now known as Chalandri) and in 2011 despite the financial depression he opens up another branch, this time in Nikaia. In spring 2017 our new branch in Nea Smirni opens its doors.