Corporate Culture

Trakadas is constantly keeping up with it’s powerful presence and course in the greek market while pursuing the ever growing trust of our clients and the tireless support of our people.

Corporate Culture

One of the points of excellence of Trakadas is it’s people. The human resourses of the company are employees with specialised knowledge and training, and are proud of the company, the products and the vision Trakadas stands for. The company is always invsetsing in training it’s people in matters of characteristics and appliance of the products and also in matters of managment and customer service. Being in the maket for 79 years, Trakadas has it’s own company culture, based on the following values:

  • Commitment in quality and punctuality

  • Client centered philosophy

  • Hightened sense of responsibilty and professionalism

  • Sociability, mutual respect and team work

  • Commitment to reaching the goals set by the company


As a result of the values mentioned above, the working environment in Trakadas is safe, just, stable and trustworthy. All of the company’s stores provide excellent working conditions, addapted mainly to the human being, and specifically to his safety and health. All stores are up to date with modern specifications and rules of hygiene and safety.

Investing in the future

We in Trakadas strongly believe that the sustainability and the acquisition of leverage against the competition derive through constant and targeted investment for the future. In this frame, the company is investing in its geographical expansion, growing it’s stores network in strategically marked areas, in the digital world by creating an up to date and user friendly website, and in the education and training of its people so that they are fully aware of the products and their characteristics, but also the market and the best practices and manners in serving the customers.