Insulation Waterproofing

The first signs of the problem are usually the droplets on the walls and the window sills. It then goes further with a bad and discomforting odor that ends up in the creation of “black spots” on the walls. Possibly one of the most unpleasant problems that many people had to deal in their space.

The appearance of humidity and mold is one of the issues that make the owner feel insecurity and great unease. An issue that can be overcome very easily when a certified professional can indicate the cause of the problem and propose the proper solutions. Luckily, there are complete product lines for the insulation and waterproofing of any kind of space that may produce humidity issues, such as a rooftop, a basement, a bath, a kitchen etc. The professional may suggest the appropriate products and their proper application. This is the right way to free yourself of problems of such kind.

Insulation and waterproofing on rooftops is the procedure needed to avoid problems caused by water penetration. The right insulation – waterproofing of constructions is very important and absolutely necessary to avoid any side effects on the other parts of the construction, that are caused by water when there is no insulation.

For the waterproofing of the rooftop there are various slurry insulation materials and are classified depending on their basic composure in acrylic, hybrid and polyourethanic. These are ready to use materials or produced by mixing with water or solubles. These can even be applied by an amateur. They are easily applied by a brush, roller or spray. After the application they create a monolithic membrane (seamless). The basic advantages of the flurry waterproofing products are:

  • Low material and application cost
  • Easy application without needing professional equipment
  • High solar radiation reflection indicator
  • Seamless monolithic waterproofing membrane
  • Easy and quick repair if needed

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